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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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What the guests say about the AMV Eid dinner?

The Goodwill Gathering: Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and to break bread together.  Gloria and I really appreciated it. 

In HIS love always.  

Harry Ackley
Superior Court Judge

Thank you for inviting me to the dinner last Saturday; it was an interesting and enlightening evening.  My wife and I appreciate the honor of being asked to get to know you and your community better.  I think we are better people for the experience.

Karl Diekman
Fire Chief, City of Woodland, CA

Thanks for your warm reception and gracious invitation to attend the dinner and lecture the other night in Woodland. While I was very pleased with the wonderful food and lecture (thank you!), I was even more impressed by your family, your community, and your efforts to promote peace and understanding.

I put my name on the e-mail list for American Muslim Voice and hope to find a way to support the ongoing collaboration for cultural and religious freedoms while I persist through my graduate studies. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Durriya Syed and Samina Sundas, both articulate, warm, brilliant women. Several others extended themselves ever so cordially and helped me to feel right at home.

Our commonality and immediate concerns as human beings far exceed our cultural differences. I had no idea when I e-mailed you a request for information about Michael Parenti, that another world of opportunity would reveal itself. Seeking out, and actively furthering cross- and multi-cultural relationships, is a powerful motivator for me these days. You had no small role in providing me a bird's-eye view of this particular opportunity and I deeply appreciate it and you! Thank you, Khalid!

Robin Weiss
Moraga, CA

The dinner was good and the company even better.  People from the Mosque were ever so polite and helpful. A nice evening.

 Larry Schapiro of the American Legions

Thank you Khalid for including us in post Ramadan feast. We really enjoyed being a part of it. We are grateful for your leadership in bringing our communities closer together. I hope we can continue to help with this important goal. Warmest best wishes to you and your family at this special time of the year.
Tom Stallard & Meg Stallard
Woodland, CA

We had a great evening. It was a very professionally organized function. Credit goes to you and your team. Food was delicious and the speaker was just wonderful. "Desi" party after the main show was very entertaining. I enjoyed your singing. We should have more informal gathering of this kind. 

Naeem, Durriya, Zaki and Tanya
Roseville, CA

I wanted to congratulate you on job well done arranging the Eid dinner last Saturday. It was both informative and an interesting event.  I was especially impressed by Dr. Parenti's speech. He spoke precisely and eloquently and kept his audiences attentive. Besides him, I was truly impressed by how you kept every one on the edge of their seats. You have truly mastered the art of public speaking.

Again, my hats off to you and your family for organizing such a wonderful event. Thanks for inviting me.

Zile Rehman
Roseville, CA

Dear Mr. Khalid Saeed, I missed the AMV  Eid dinner because of my hospitalization. It appears from the report about the dinner that it turned out a very successful interfaith event as rightly reflected in the comment by the Democrat Woodland Editor Mr. Jim Smith who graced the event with his presence. I congratulate you for holding such a successful event that reflects your personal efforts and contacts with other religious  leaders as well as local officials. I believe that it was not only a traditional Eid festivity but it also proved as an outreach of the Muslim community to the fellow Americans.  We need more such events.

Abdus Sattar Ghazali
Editor, American Muslim Perspective

November 25, 2005