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”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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AMV Policy & Procedures

Who can be a member?

 AMV is a unique organization with plans to be very inclusive of all humanitarian individuals.

 Our mission is to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all. Our goal is to bridge the gap between all communities. We would like to build a strong and involved community, which is not limited to just Muslims. We will make the most beautiful diverse human wall of support and strength - one that can't be shaken and stand by each other to fight injustice because as Martin Luther King Jr. said:

 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


 The AMV is committed to bridge the gap between all communities and foster life long friendships with all.

 We will work with all Muslim and non-Muslim organizations/groups who share our dedication and commitment to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all and protect human rights.

 We regard all humans as equal and will stand by all oppressed and targeted communities in their plight. We feel strongly about protecting and improving human rights globally.

 Therefore, if you are a group, organization, coalition or an alliance trying to improve human life, we will support your cause whole heartedly without any reservation and will be honored to work with you. We will co-sponsor or endorse any such efforts.

 If you are an individual who shares our mission, goals and human values, we encourage you to become a part of the AMV. Learn what is happening in our country and in our world. By joining AMV, you will be strengthening our voice.

 Are you the one AMV is searching for?

AMV is offering shared leadership, shared responsibilities and shared ownership.

AMV is searching for dedicated, committed, reliable, punctual, kindhearted,open minded, sincere, warm, friendly and outgoing individuals. AMV Ambassadors should be ready to do serious work for their community. We are searching for true community builders. 


"The true measure of a man is not the number of servants that he has, but the number of people he serves."  Arnold Glasgow

Volunteers – Can volunteers make a difference?

 We believe volunteers are an essential part of any civilized society and also the heart and soul of nonprofit organizations. They are like flowers. They make our world more beautiful. The contributions they make for our communities are like the sweet fragrance of those flowers that spread goodwill and cheer everywhere. You can be an Ambassador of the AMV and be a part of our team to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all. Political involvement, empowerment for our community and bridging the gap between all communities can be your adopted mission today.  Together we will build a better world where all humans are treated equally.   Together we can make a positive difference.

 How can we be involved with AMV?

 1: You can open an AMV chapter in your area to promote our cause.

 2: AMV Director of Southern California.

 3: We are searching for youth Co-Directors in Northern or Southern California.

 4: Chapter presidents and Directors in different cities and states.

 5: We are especially searching for young adults to be mentors for our youth group.

Volunteer – If we want to volunteer, do we have to give a lot of time?

 We do not want you to totally change your life style. Please continue with your volunteer work but do it with a purpose and with an identity. (To change our image and as an ambassador of AMV.)

1. Five year to 5th grade:  International Days. Volunteer at your children’s school with a purpose and with an identity.( To change our image and as an ambassador of AMV.) 

 2. Middle School: More sophisticated involvement. Be part of the school PTA, Parent Teacher Association, join committees, choosing curriculum, plan lectures about Islam, our heritage and culture.

 3. High School: Youth can form clubs with other groups, like Social Justice Club, Political and Civic Education Clubs, Interfaith Clubs etc and do participate in what interest others.

 4. College/Universities: Muslim Students Associations are doing a wonderful job learning about Islam. They need to extend that more towards educating others about Islam. One such way to interest others is to first show interest in things that are dear to them. 1. Interfaith Clubs. 2. Civil Rights Clubs. 3. Social Justice Clubs. 4. Human Rights Clubs. 5. Political Clubs. Here MSA should be involved in civic education and empowerment, we should be providing leadership training to our youth. Attend forums and rallies. etc.

 5. Adults: Volunteer in school, libraries, hospitals, senior centers, soup kitchens, highway clean up, environmental organizations, human rights, civil rights, immigration right. Local, state and federal institutions, police department, fire department, assemblymen/women, congress senators, political parties, attend forums and rallies. Voter registration in the main stream.

 If we truly want to improve the quality of life and want to protect our liberties, to be treated with dignity then we should be involved in our communities. We should get to know our fellow Americans and allow them to know us. It will be impossible to achieve this goal individually but our collective efforts will show good results beyond our expectations. We can continue our volunteer work at the place that provides us fulfillment but in an organized manner and with a purpose to change the image of Muslims and Islam in America as an Ambassador of the AMV. I am certain that together we can achieve our goals in few years. We will mature as a community and will become partners not bystanders.

 For this transformation we need people who are committed, dedicated, focused and ready to serve Allah and our communities. We need to build peaceful and diverse communities where all of us can live peacefully with mutual respect, total acceptance, harmony and truly celebrate diversity. Where we all feel at home.

 Big Dreams? Yes but remember “the future belongs to those who dream of a better world and take steps to make it happen.” (Samina Faheem Sundas) Will anyone join me to make this world a better place? Please claim ownership in this organization and make it your own.

“My pledge”

  • 1.       I pledge that I will always treat all of my colleagues and partners in the manner that I will like to be treated.
  • 2.       I will respect, honor and appreciate your contributions, time and commitment. (Will not demand more than you are able to commit.
  • 3.       If I ask anyone to take an action on anything (write letter, call congressmen, contribute etc. I will do that myself first.
  • 4.       I will never jeopardize anyone’s safety (by involving them in a hostile situation).
  • 5.       I promise to work as a team with focus only on serving Allah and our communities.
  • 6.       Before we start this partnership we will all put our personal differences aside and work to make this world a better place.
  • 7.       The future of Muslims American and this organization depends on all of us. We will make all  decisions together.

Can Volunteers truly make a difference? Yes we believe so.  Here is how you can become an Ambassador of AMV:

1. Integrate. Volunteer at your local schools, libraries, soup kitchens, boyscouts, girlscouts, sports and hospitals ect, as an Ambassador of AMV. Be an active and involved part of your community.

 2. Help with our very important project, interfaith and inter community relations by bridging the gap between all communities and forming lifelong friendships.

 3. Help with media watch, inform AMV about any immigrant rights, human rights and civil rights violations.

 4.  Research new laws and policies on interest to the immigrant  and civil rights community.

5. Write letters to the editors and op ed pieces in newspapers to highlight the current civil rights crisis in the United States and to counteract any negative publicity against Muslim and Islam. 

6. Set up an information table at a local school, college and university to do voter registration and to educate fellow American about Muslims and Islam. 

7. Become a mentor for our youth and young adults, help provide leadership, public speaking training and set up internships at the official representitives.

 8. Help junior high school high school college and universitiy students start interfaith, social justice and civil rights clubs.

9. Provide basic information, referrals and support to  immigrant families whose head of the household had been detained or deported. 

10. Attend important rallies, demonstrations, marches, teach-ins, conferences, forums and seminars to represent AMV and Muslims. 

 11. Represent AMV at important meetings with other organizations and other communities to foster lifelong friendships.

12. Contact and volunteer to build relationships with your elected officials to inform them about the issues that are important to us.

13. Help raise funds for AMV's crucial work.

 14. Represent AMV in your local area as a speakers.

 15. Help AMV start new chapters nationwide

We value your opinion. Please feel free to propose new and innovative ways to protect and preserve civil liberties and constitutional rights for all.